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A Defiant Heart is a 2001 music project from producer and multi-instrumentalist Danny Peck. Visit dannypeck.com for any future music.

“Words to describe his musical art, because art it is in the truer sense as he moves beyond assumptions of pure musicianship, dramatic, emotive, sudden, vivid and affecting. It is the evolution of an electronic / symphonic composer that has combined his skills with both synth and string music to seek new soundscapes. Compositions that feel both interior and interpretations of the world around. True cinema.”

“wow. this gave me goosebumps, love it!”

“Every track is an ingenious composition wherein you will find new melodies and feelings every time you listen to – again and again and again…”

“This is a masterpiece.”

“I wanted to reach out to say that this one is really beautiful work you’ve done.”

“Your music is awesome! It has changed my life. Also your music inspires me. On some tracks I am crying. It’s an unexplainable feeling, a feeling that you are getting higher inside. That your life is not empty.”